Comment on Massive Passive Profits Plugin Setting Up a Sub-Domain Blog Template with Talian 05 by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin The Parse error means you added the code in the wrong area or the code was broken. If you are sure it’s not broken try different locations, you might be lucky (that’s how I learnt PHP :-))

The Logged in as admin. Log out message is normal, it’s what you are supposed to see when you are logged in to WordPress as admin (only you see it).

So uploading the original file fixed the code mistake. Would I be right in assuming it’s this plugin you are trying to install?

Seems straightforward enough, though if you pasted that in the middle of the other PHP code it would cause an error.

Assuming the plugin isn’t broken (it’s a bit on the old side) pasting it near the bottom of the file below the line

<?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>

Is probably about right. Would look like this:

<?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>
<?php display_cryptographp(); ?>

I haven’t tested this, if this gives the parse error I’d assume the plugin is out of date and no longer working.

I have 70+ WordPress installations and only use Akismet free version for SPAM and it catches 99.9% of it (I must get millions of SPAM comments a year). It’s hard enough getting real visitors to comment on some sites as it is, I wouldn’t make it harder. I have a few popular sites I no longer moderate comments on on a daily basis, very little SPAM gets through, when it does I delete it.

One of the sites receives over 15,000 visitors a day has around 20,000 comments and I turned moderation off (comments are posted live) and notification of new comments is turned off and check every month or so through the comments for SPAM and barely ever have to delete anything. Even I’m surprised so few SPAM comments get through, I will add the site uses Talian 05 and I’ve turned the ability to add and show author comment links on the comment form off (via the Talian options page), so the only spammers it’s going to get (real live spammers can’t add a link so won’t bother) is the automated bots that Akismet almost always catches.

For autoblogs always use Akismet and have your comments set so you have to approve all comments unless you’ve already approved comments from that commenter. You won’t get many real comments on autoblogs, so if you do get any real comments approve them once a month or something (it’s an autoblog, don’t waste too much time on them).