Comment on Massive Passive Profits Plugin Setting Up a Sub-Domain Blog Template with Talian 05 by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin Another Massive Passive Profits Plugin features, removing images from the plugin folder autoblog footprint.

As there are thousands of users of the Massive Passive Profits Plugin and potentially tens of thousands of autoblog sites using the plugin there’s a chance Google etc… will use footprints left by the plugin to downgrade autoblogs faster.

Ones such autoblog footprint is the Amazon buy now image and the YouTube Video rating images found under /wp-content/plugins/wp-mpp/img/ that are linked from the Amazon product pages and the YouTube video pages.

I’ve added a feature to version 6 of my SEO ad theme to change the location of these images. Not completely coded in the theme yet, but when complete users will have two options.

1. Go with a new default location for the images. This will require a simple few clicks of the mouse. Not the best solution, but since only a sub-set of Massive Passive Profits users also use my theme, it might be enough.

2. The best solution the more advanced user can FTP the image folder (I’ll supply a folder with them in) in a server location of their choice and enter that location in the themes options page. For example you might select: /cool-images/ and place a folder called /cool-images/ in the root of your domain (they’d be found at instead of Hmm, not sure how WordPress works with images not in the plugin or themes folder on Multisite sub-domains, so will have to test this bit first (might have to have the folder under either /plugins/ or /themes/).

Will also add the ability to select from two or more Amazon buy now images, give you a little choice in how those images look.