Comment on Massive Passive Profits Plugin Setting Up a Sub-Domain Blog Template with Talian 05 by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin I’ve not used WordPress Clone Plugins. I’ve recently setup my dedicated server so it automatically creates a WordPress site with everything preset (plugins, theme, settings etc…), but it’s not a plugin and not something you can use unless you go to a lot of effort (would only work with the Control Panel I use as well).

The users of the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin (got hundreds of Talian customers using that plugin) are using a Blog Template Plugin for sub-domains in a multisite setup you can download from the article above. Don’t think it works for setting up multiple sites (on multiple domain names) though.

If this is just for Talian options, you could edit the default settings to match what you want. All the defaults are set in the themetoolkit_functions.php file, for example you could change the AdSense pub-number to yours so when you install Talian on a site for the first time there’s no options setup needed. Since the AdSense pub-##### number is mine when I install Talian on one of my domains I don’t have to go to the options page, I do as I set different banners and colours etc… but I don’t have to.

Only problem with this approach is when I update Talian, you’d need to put your defaults in the updated file (there’s at least 20 more options with the next version of Talian), though if you used a plugin for setting up a template after an upgrade of a theme with options you’d need to rebuild your template anyway.