Comment on Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Plugin SEO Settings Without seeing the site difficult to say, but I’d guess the format of the Amazon image link output by Massive Passive Profits isn’t matching what the Stallion addon plugin is looking for.

Stallion looks for this image link format:

<img src="(.*?)/wp-content/plugins/wp-mpp/img/buynow.gif" alt="(.*?)" title="(.*?)" />


<img src="(.*?)/wp-content/plugins/wp-mpp/img/buynow.gif"  alt="(.*?)" title="(.*?)" />

Where (.*?) can be anything.

Note they both look the same, but there’s an extra space before alt=

for example if you’ve installed the Massive Passive Plugin into a folder other than


or you changed the Massive Passive Profit settings so the button doesn’t have that exact format, Stallion won’t find the image code.

If you don’t want to post a link to your autoblog here, first thing to check is what your Buy Now image code looks like. View source in Firefox, Chrome, IE etc… and find the code for the image and see if it matches the formats above.

Been a while since I looked at the Massive Passive Profits options pages etc…, but it’s very precise, if you edited the Massive Passive Profits options to say not have an alt attribute the image code won’t match.

If they don’t match there’s two solutions, change the Massive Passive Profits settings so they do or edit the Stallion file /stallion-seo-theme/plugins/mpp_seo.php to create a rule that matches your output.

For example if the plugin is installed in a folder called /chickens/ and you’ve deleted the alt attribute code you’d add something like this to around line 109

$content = preg_replace('/<img src="(.*?)/wp-content/plugins/chickens/img/buynow.gif" title="(.*?)" />/i', '<img src="$1' . get_option('mpp_images_folder') . '' . get_option('mpp_amazon_button') . '"  alt="$2" />', $content);

Without seeing the site I’m making an educated guess.