Comment on Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin by Rebecca.

Massive Passive Profits Plugin SEO Settings Hi David,
I just had to comment, I had 20 sites + using mmp with the Tallion 5 theme. I went to update and found the same problems. One of my major problems was mmp had been updated to a 1.3.2. I had not received this update or overlooked it. I contacted mmp support and they promptly sent me the update. It now works very well.

One of the main problems I run into is to stay in the admin always when uploading the plugins then update other sites.
When updating my existing sites I found I had to double check to maintain the admin site area. There seems to be something that happens when updating by the wp site alone.

No problem though if I stayed careful.

The problem I am having on my sites even the new ones I can not get my adsense ads to work. They try loading but just get a blank no matter where I have tried to put them.

I really have been bummed to have to opt not to use adsense.

I realize I cannot use them on a bet site but on my other sites still not working.

Does it have to anything to do with the fact I have static pages?

Couple of the sites I have tried with are


I will appreciate your input for I am getting ready to build several more sites.