Comment on Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin by Don.

Massive Passive Profits Plugin SEO Settings Hi David. Before I ever think of inviting an Internet marketers to my home I’ll first meet with them at let’s say a Starbucks or an Internet cafe. This way when the meeting is over we go out separate way, if you want to stay and hang around that is your business.

On the other hand when it come to my home space my computer where I have the room to do as I wish and not be inconvenient with annoying programs and software promises that is not performing.

If this happen I then have the choice to remove or delete it from my personal domain (space).

It’s the same when I purchase your products or anyone Else’s and try it out and if I like it I’ll keep it in my hard drive. My notebook computer is like my house my personal domain, and when it’s time for me to remove or return a product back to you it should be as simple as when I gave you my money. I should be able to do just that with no problem.

Now about your Stallion 6 theme software I have spent hours of my valuable time. I attempted to deactivate it and replace it with my previous WP theme to fix the problem I am having with not having access to my WP plugin panel to add more WP plugins to it now there is a block on it, huh… what do you make of that?

Now for Mr, Bill Mcrae and his Massive Passive Profits I can not deactivate or remove his as well, this is another huh, how do you figure that one out, is it a computer conspiracy or home invasion?

I’m not sure at this point who shall I believe.