Comment on Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Plugin SEO Settings Not sure why your Massive Passive Profits plugin would disable, Stallion has nothing built into it that might disable it.

There’s a new menu item added to the Massive Passive Profits Plugin menus when you install Stallion that gives you more SEO control over the autoblogged content, but it’s not actually part of the MPP plugin, just put the menu item there rather than under the Stallion menu as it made sense.

When you install a new theme you have to setup the widgets for that theme, so go back to the widgets menu and build the sidebars.

Don’t know how your exit popup works, could be as simple as adding a widget to edit a template file if the plugin doesn’t auto add the relevant code. I would start by checking how the exit popup works and if you need to edit template files.