Comment on Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Plugin SEO Settings Since Google now combines the AdSense ad code together (colours, channels etc…) into one block of code you have to use the old AdSense legacy code for a public WordPress theme like Stallion and Talian otherwise you wouldn’t be able to change ad sizes, fonts etc…

This means there’s no longer an actual separate AdSense channel list, each channel is associated with an ad unit you have to create. Fortunately you can still use a channel with the legacy code from a new style ad unit you’ve made, so it still works which is all that matters.

Basically you make an ad unit (settings are irrelevant) and use it’s channel ID within Stallion/Talian.

To add a custom ad channel log into Google AdSense go to AdSense Setup > Channels

If you already have Google AdSense channels copy the ID number from the AdSense Setup > Channels page and paste it into the appropriate box on the themes options page.

This is for the old AdSense control panel, I’ve not updated to the new one (didn’t like it :-)) so might be a bit different if you use the new layout. When you have an ad unit look for the ID number that’s the channel ID.

If you are new to using AdSense you don’t have to track each ad unit, there’s a well tested formula for ad placement, so no need to reinvent the wheel.

For your AdSense publisher number add the number including the pub- part. If you have a ca-pub- number you can add either

pub-###### or ca-pub-######

They both work.

Make sure you don’t accidentally add a space before or after the publisher number, easy to do when copying and pasting.

Stallion is better than Talian for the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin because Stallion hides a lot of the thin affiliate site fingerprints not hidden by Talian. There’s always an element of luck with autoblogs (how long before Google downgrades one), with Stallion having those thin affiliate fingerprints hidden means on average they should make money longer.