Comment on WP Autoblog Plugin Support by Glenn Shimabukuro.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin Hi Dave:

Thanks, always, for your valuable input regarding your perspective on getting traffic to the MPP sites.

As a side note, I finally got a reply back from the revamped Massive Passive Profits support desk regarding the use of Web Traffic Genius (WTG) on MPP sites: Use the WP Syndicator plugin instead.

It appears Web Traffic Genius requires you to manually create a folder called “myrssfeeds” below the root directory (public_html) of your main domain, and it appears to work okay with the main domain. However, there’s issues using WTG on the corresponding wildcard-generated (* subdomains.

Is this because wildcard-generated subdomains are redirected to the main domain and have no physical structure nor appear to occupy storage space on the server?