Comment on WP Autoblog Plugin Support by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin I’ve not tried the Web Traffic Genius WordPress plugin, so can’t say if it’s worth purchasing from a personal perspective (only recommend tools I’ve tried).

The concept has merit, especially for autoblogs as you don’t really want to waste time/money/effort on generating quality backlinks (autoblogs are downgraded long term). So if Web Traffic Genius can add a couple of dozen low quality links per autoblog might (and I say might) be enough to get them indexed enough to make them worthwhile (they do need to be indexed to generate traffic/cash) without having to do any link building per se. Remember we only need an autoblog to make say 10 cents a day for it to be worthwhile since you build them in bulk.

Without testing the Web Traffic Genius WordPress plugin I can’t say exactly how it works or if I’d use it, will probably give a it try when I have some free time: I don’t even have enough time to build autoblogs right now, let alone generate links to them, so not a high priority. To give it a proper SEO test you’d need to start with a new domain and add no links to it and see what the Web Traffic Genius plugin generates on it’s own.