Comment on WP Autoblog Plugin Support by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin Looks like I missed a comment, thanks for the above :-)

To add the the custom banner info above the readme files within the Talian zip file are also linked from the Talian sales page, so you can read them there as well.

The AdSense ad on the sidebar that’s the default widget setup. If you want AdSense on but not the sidebar AdSense ad go to:

Appearance >> Widgets

And drag and drop the widgets (suggest using the ones labeled GAT) you want on the two sidebars (you should build them both).

Default Sidebar 1 includes the AdSense widget, if you drag and drop say a Categories widget you will see the only sidebar menu item on your left sidebar will be the Category (all the default widgets are gone/reset). Drag and drop say the Recent Articles widget to sidebar 1 as well and now you’ll have Categories and Recent Articles menus and that’s it.

Do the same for Sidebar 2 (with different widgets) only using the widgets you want in whatever order you choose.