Comment on WP Autoblog Plugin Support by Glenn Shimabukuro.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin Hi Dave:

Thanks, always, for your thorough explanation of IM topics and the clarity you bring to it.

I’ve heard of “Google Slaps” and all, but really a bit naive about those things. Your explanation of sites being downgraded was very informative and valuable.

My traffic coming to the Massive Passive Profits autoblog sites are not as prolific as I want it to be, but as you mentioned, it can be built gradually/naturally … and for now, I guess it’s not a red flag to Google.

I recall Mr. McRea (Massive Passive Profits creator) mentioned that to increase traffic to the MPP sites it wasn’t an issue of SEO but of syndication. I’ve sent several questions to their support desk and submitted several questions during his webinars to clarify that statement as well as the use of Web Traffic Genius (WTG) on MPP sites, but they never get answered. One of the WP plugins recommended for Massive Passive Profits sites to improve traffic is the Web Traffic Genius. However, all throughout the support forum (when it was still up) users were having issues using that plugin w/ MPP sites — and really no viable explanation whether it could be used effectively on MPP sites.

What is your take on Web Traffic Genius to build backlinks for MPP sites?