Comment on WP Autoblog Plugin Support by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin Are you wanting a main home page link from every sub-domain created by the Massive Passive Profits Plugin?

If so that currently requires editing the header.php file.


<div class="navigators">

and add below it:

<li class="page_item"><a href="">Anchor Text</a></li>

Replacing with the URL to home and replace “Anchor Text” with something relevant to your main site.

Save, upload via FTP and there will be a link to whatever domain you linked to on the left hand side of the navigation menu. In the next Talian update (hoping to release early next year, but no firm date as working on a lot of new features) I’ve added the ability to paste any code there via the Talian options page, you’d be able to achieve the above without editing template files in combination with the Blog Template Plugin (used with the Massive Passive Profits Plugin) have it populated on all new sub-domains.

There’s no post quota with Talian (or any WordPress theme as far as I know), I’ve a recipe site with over 130,000 posts working well. As you might expect there are issues with having very large sites, but sounds like your issue is with the Massive Passive Profits Plugin running out of relevant content to post. If you’ve posted a really obscure niche keyword you’ll run out of Amazon products and articles to post quite quickly. When they run out (all campaigns run out eventually) will be based on what keywords you used.

On the site you’ve linked to the left sidebar is empty code wise. If you’ve dragged and dropped widgets on that sidebar (sidebar1) it suggests something has gone wrong. Have you edited the code of the left_sidebar.php file? Looks like it’s had it’s default widgets content removed (could be an error in the editing that’s broke the code).

If you aren’t familiar with widgets, under your Dashboard click “Appearance” >> “Widgets” and you can drag and drop menu items on that page to the two sidebars. You could add an Amazon ad as a text widget as well without having to edit the template files.