Comment on WP Autoblog Plugin Support by Randy Nelson.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin David,

How can I add a new “tab” at the top of the page next to About and Sitemap? I’d like to make a “Home” link that will go back to my original static homepage.

Is there a quota for the Talian 05 script on how many posts it will make? I’ve had the posts completely stop on another website for a couple of days now and I’m using the MPP plugin in conjunction with yours.

Also (sorry for so many questions) when using Talian 05 and MPP, I’ve setup the left sidebar (on many of my websites)for amazon and the first page rarely shows anything from amazon. Is this normal?

I also want to say that your Talian 05 product is by far the easiest and best software I’ve used to date for my many websites… thank you for creating a uniquely great plugin and making my job much easier.

Randy Nelson