Comment on WP Autoblog Plugin Support by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin Stallion 6 is pretty much another theme, I’ve rewritten almost everything, so though it builds on Talian 5 it isn’t a direct upgrade.

You upload the Stallion theme to the themes folder under the folder /stallion-seo-theme/ either using the built in theme installer or FTP (like you would with any theme) and it will work alongside Talian 5: you can use Stallion and Talian on the same WordPress Multisite installation. If you have 100 Massive Passive Profits sub-domains running Talian 5 now and don’t want to update those autoblogs and just make new ones you could keep the old ones running Talian 5 and have the new autoblogs running Stallion 6. There is a very strong argument for not updating autoblogs unless you absolutely have to, it takes time that could be spent making new autoblogs (you make money from autoblogs by making lots of them).

Personally I’d upgrade everything as I had the time, but I wouldn’t rush with autoblogs unless they are making reasonable money (each autoblog tends to make a small amount of money so low priority).

For important sites, any type of site with a fair amount of traffic I’d upgrade to Stallion 6, it’s got a lot more features and options some of which will help with SEO and advertising not included in Talian 5. I have over 70 WordPress installations and based on past updates will take me about a day to update them and sort out the options pages, though that usually includes updating WordPress to the latest version and updating plugins, so not just installing a theme. With a bit of luck WordPress 3.1 will be released around the same time so can upgrade WordPress as well.

Gone from one theme options page to nine option pages.

In Stallion 6 you get a new menu under your WordPress Dashboard called “Stallion Theme” (below Appearance) that includes these menus:

Stallion Theme
o Stallion Theme
o AdSense Options
o Chitika Options
o Clickbank Options
o Contextual Ads Options
o Layout Options
o Colour Options
o Promotion Options
o SEO Advanced

Also if you use the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin there’s a new options page added to the Massive Passive menu to add SEO.

I’ve rewritten most of the functions related to the options pages as well so they are highly unlikely to ever clash with another plugin.

Today I’ve been adding contextual links options for example, Kontera and LinkWords (from LinkWorth) advertising: these are the hover over text ads you see on some sites.

I wanted to have Stallion released this month, but looks like I need a couple more weeks before I release it as still have to setup the Clickbank affiliate program (made a start on it, but need the theme ready for testing etc…) and rewrite the style-sheets for the different colour schemes: rebuilt the CSS styles for future functionality, should be able to use loads of different WordPress themes as the basis as a Stallion 6 colour scheme (in the coming months will be creating new theme colour schemes).

Regarding MPP plugin and the articles attribution. I have a local copy of Massive Passive Profits running (no live sites, just a development site for testing) and did notice the attribution links had been ‘damaged’ rather than used as they should be. It does mean you aren’t using the articles according to the terms of the article directory, but Google doesn’t care about this. To Google it’s duplicate content whether you attribute it or not and will downgrade pages containing that type of duplicate content when it finds it and determines it’s duplicate. I’ve described in other comments on the site how I believe Google works with autoblog content etc… (Google doesn’t like it).

I would never advise using an autoblog plugin on an important domain. Only use software like the Massive Passive Profits plugin on domains you are prepared to loose all SERPs and traffic to (that would generally be new domains).