Comment on Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing by SEO Dave.

Amazon Thin Affiliate Store Sales Hi,

I doubt I will since I have a problem with saving all the money I make :)

Currently owe about £90,000 on the mortgage which in Jan/Feb 2009 goes from a fixed rate of 4.79% to variable and with what’s happening right now with the credit crunch etc… looks like it will jump to over 7%!

Currently can pay an extra £9,000 this year (which I’ve already paid extra) then in Jan/Feb when there’s no longer a limit in over paying without a penalty I plan to throw as much of our savings at the mortgage as possible.

Unfortunately we are renovating our home, we live in a 4 storey ex guesthouse with around 16-18 rooms (depends on what you consider a room) and still have a lot of work to do (probably about £30K to £40K worth) so have to have some money for that as well.

Since I hate to be in debt all the affiliate revenue and a lot of my SEO business revenue is going on the house/mortgage for the next two or three years (I want the mortgage paid ASAP).

I can’t complain though, loads of people are loosing their homes right now and I’m worrying about paying a little extra mortgage interest which we can afford.

David Law