Comment on Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing by SEO Dave.

Making Money Online with Thin Affiliate SitesOne month thin affiliate sites revenue data (2 weeks after creating this article : data set August 25th 2010 – September 25th 2010).

AdSense Revenue : $340 (so far AdSense income stable/predictable).
Affiliate Sales Revenue : $350 (sold $4,300 worth of products**).

** Note two sales made the majority of this affiliate income (two $1,000+ sales) and one of the sales is on a site receiving less than 10 visitors a day. Hard to estimate future sales from this sort of data (next month sales could be 90% less or several times more on the same traffic).

Total revenue = $690

Number of thin affiliate sites = 24
Average earnings per thin affiliate site : ~$29

Estimated annual revenue : $8,280
Estimated annual revenue per site : $345

If scaled to 100 domains estimated annual revenue : $34,500

That is pretty good considering how little effort this takes long term.

Note: not found the time to create thin affiliate sites on new domains yet.