Comment on Making Money with Racist Jokes by SEO Dave.

Making Money Joke Below is a screenshot from Google Webmaster Tools showing the top traffic webpages on my free funny jokes website for November 2014.

Free Funny Jokes SERPs

Almost 1.5 million impressions and 65,000 search engine clicks, down 7% on the previous month.

Google Analytics shows more data (the above is search engine traffic only), Google Analytics for the same period shows 86,000 sessions (visitors).

Nice chunk of traffic (all free organic traffic) and still not making much money from the site. It’s one of my low priority domains, so don’t work on it much.

Does show the power of the Stallion Responsive SEO Theme in generating search engine traffic and the site uses a unique Stallion Responsive silo SEO widget technique that automatically links related posts together with no input from the website owner. Load any joke page and you’ll see the Popular Jokes widget on the right sidebar only loads jokes (WordPress posts) from the same category. To achieve the same manually it would be many, many weeks of work of manually modifying every post on the site!!!

Update: On a funny note, checked Google a few days after making this comment for the search “Free Funny Jokes SERPs” and this site is top 1-7 and my jokes site is number 8. It’s unlikely to last since it’s because the comment title is shared on other Stallion SEO Super Comments pages, so when I make more comments the text Free Funny Jokes SERPs won’t exist on all those webpages.

So took a screenshot of the Google search:

Free Funny Jokes SERP

I think that’s my best yet (haven’t tried to fill an entire top 10), 8 results out of 10, shame it’s not a competitive SERP, now that would be cool.