Comment on Amazon Affiliate Payments Proof by SEO Dave.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings Proof No part of the Stallion theme involves commission sharing. If you don’t set your ad network IDs I’d theoretically** get all your earnings (via the default settings) and you’d get nothing. If you set your ad network IDs you earn 100% of the revenue I earn nothing.

** Theoretically because my AdSense account is set to not earn from sites that I don’t approve (had a problem with domains not owned by me breaking the AdSense TOS, almost lost my AdSense account, was banned for a week!!!), Chitika you have to submit a domain to Chitika to earn from it, same with Kontera, Infolinks and Linkwords. Clickbank doesn’t require submitting a domain to earn from it, so if you left my morearning Clickbank username in place I’d get your Clickbank earnings (no one has done that so far :-().

Anyway, the Clickbank username.stallion part is the tracking ID which by default is set to Stallion so you know it’s a sale from a Stallion theme running site, can be changed under the Stallion Clickbank Options page under Tracking to anything you like.

That has no commission value, just for tracking. When you get a Clickbank order it will have the tracking ID (Stallion) attached to it so you know where it came from. If you own multiple domains you can set each one differently so you know where the orders are coming from.

As a side note I have two Clickbank accounts, “morearning” and “stallionad”. The morearning one I use for promoting Clickbank products that aren’t mine, stallionad I use for selling Stallion via Clickbank. I don’t own the stallion Clickbank account so if that did somehow share the commission (which it doesn’t) I wouldn’t get it anyway.

But thanks for accusing me of stealing your ad revenue!