Comment on Amazon Affiliate Payments Proof by SEO Dave.

Amazon Affiliate Earnings Proof For a while I’ve been thinking about adding Amazon ads to Stallion as another ad network, so far not started on the code (sure I will one day).

It is easy to add Amazon ads to Stallion via WordPress Text Widgets, this works for most themes for their sidebar widget areas so anyone can use this technique, with Stallion theme users there’s widget areas located throughout the theme in almost identical locations to where you can add the built in AdSense/Chitika and Clickbank ads so you can replicate the AdSense ad setup using Amazon is you create enough text widgets.

To add an Amazon ad do the following.

Create an Amazon ad with the sizes etc… you want at the Amazon site.

Under your sites Dashboard : “Appearance >> Widgets” Drag and Drop a new Text Widget into the widget area you want the ad to load. If you want it on the left sidebar for example drop it on the left sidebar widget area.

In the form that opens paste the Amazon ad code into the larger box, if you want to title the ad give it a title, if not leave blank. Save the Text Widget.

Check your home page and you’ll find the Amazon ad on the sidebar you added it to. The ad will have no styling like centered etc… depending on which widget area you added the ad to and the size of the ad it might work fine with no styling, if not you can add styling as follows.

Example: centering an ad, add this to a text widget and add your Amazon code over the “Amazon ad code” text.

<div style="text-align:center;">
Amazon ad code

Save the widget and you’ll find the ad is now centered.

There’s some more formatting options described at Clickbank Affiliate Program (I’ve used the same concept on the Stallion Clickbank banners). Basically adding some CSS styling to make the ad do what you want it to do.