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WordPress SEO Theme Currently have a $30 sale on for Stallion Responsive 8.4, don’t know how long I’ll keep it at this price (lowest it’s ever been!).

Released Stallion Responsive 8.4 in September 2016. Current Stallion Responsive users should see the update under their WordPress Dashboards: tested with WordPress 4.6 (I have it running on 60+ blogs). If not the zip file can be downloaded at the link above.

This is a small update in features, but HUGE in new color schemes.

Small improvements to the mobile responsive CSS code, in particular regarding AdSense ads: Google changed it’s policy on the size of Ads above the fold on small mobile devices.

Added more social media promotion options, ability to override the Twitter creator @name option on a post by post basis (useful for guest posts).

Huge update in the number of color schemes.

In 8.3.1 we had around 40 color schemes, with the 8.4 update that jumps to a whopping 112 color schemes! I used the color scheme creator feature (under “Stallion Theme” > “Color Options” : “Color Scheme CSS File Creator ON”) to create over 70 new theme color schemes over a few days (really easy to customize Stallion).

I’m using the post override features to show different color schemes on a post by post basis, so if you randomly browse the site you’ll see the color scheme change to some of the new ones.

I found most of the new colors at and others at Pantone colors of the year like Rose Quartz and Serenity are this years colors:

Find the colors HTML code like-
Dark Slate Gray = #2F4F4F
Use a site like to find complimentary colors and shades.

Use those color HTML codes under “Appearance” > “Color Scheme CSS File Creator” (Stallion feature) to create a custom color scheme. The feature creates the CSS files and a backup file so you can deploy your color scheme on multiple sites (or add it to a Stallion Responsive child theme). It’s an awesome WordPress theme customization feature.

All Stallion Responsive Color Schemes
Blue – Airy Blue
Blue – Airy Blue Plus
Blue – Blue Izis
Blue – Blue Izis Plus
Blue – Cosmic Cobalt
Blue – Cosmic Cobalt Plus
Blue – Dazzling Blue and Cayenne
Blue – Dazzling Blue and Cayenne Plus
Blue – Facebook Blue
Blue – Facebook Blue Plus
Blue – Limpet Shell
Blue – Limpet Shell Plus
Blue – Riverside
Blue – Riverside Plus
Blue – Serenity
Blue – Serenity Plus
Brown – Burlywood
Brown – Burlywood Plus
Brown – Iced Coffee
Brown – Iced Coffee Plus
Brown – Maroon
Brown – Maroon Plus
Brown – Marsala
Brown – Marsala Plus
Brown – Potters Clay
Brown – Potters Clay Plus
Brown – Warm Taupe
Brown – Warm Taupe Plus
Cyan – Turquoise
Cyan – Turquoise Plus
Gray – Dark Slate Gray
Gray – Dark Slate Gray Plus
Gray – Light Slate Gray
Gray – Light Slate Gray Plus
Green – Emerald
Green – Emerald Plus
Green – Forest Green
Green – Forest Green Plus
Green – Green Flash
Green – Green Flash Plus
Green – Lush Meadow
Green – Lush Meadow Plus
Green – Light Sea Green
Green – Light Sea Green Plus
Orange – Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Orange – Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly Plus
Orange – Spring Tangerine
Orange – Spring Tangerine Plus
Orange-Red – Tangerine Tango
Orange-Red – Tangerine Tango Plus
Pink – Bodacious
Pink – Bodacious Plus
Pink – Honeysuckle
Pink – Honeysuckle Plus
Pink – Peach Echo
Pink – Peach Echo Plus
Pink – Radiant Orchard
Pink – Radiant Orchard Plus
Pink – Rose Quartz and Serenity
Pink – Rose Quartz and Serenity Plus
Purple – Rebecca Purple
Purple – Rebecca Purple Plus
Red – Aurora Red
Red – Aurora Red Plus
Red – Big Dip O Ruby
Red – Big Dip O Ruby Plus
Red – Dusty Cedar
Red – Dusty Cedar Plus
Red – Fire Brick Red
Red – Fire Brick Red Plus
Yellow – Mimosa
Yellow – Mimosa Plus
Yellow – Spicy Mustard
Yellow – Spicy Mustard Plus
White BG – Clean White n Hint of Blue
White BG – Clean White n Hint of Red
White BG – Clean White n Hint of Rebecca Purple
White BG – Clean White n Hint of Sea Green
Light BG – Light
Light BG – Light n Hint of Classic Blue
Light BG – Light n Hint of Marsala
Light BG – Light n Hint of Sinopia
Light BG – Light n Hint of Treetop Green
Light BG – White n Red
Light Blue BG – White n Light Blue
Dark Blue BG – White n Dark Blue
Marsala BG – White n Marsala
Dark BG – Dark
Dark BG – Black n White
Dark BG – Black n Blue
Dark BG – Black n Red
Dark BG – Black n Green
Dark BG – Neon Green
Dark BG – Neon Pink
Dark BG – Neon Purple
Dark BG – Neon Red
Dark BG – Neon Yellow
Dark BG – Charcoal n Orange
Dark BG – 50 Shades of Grey
Dark BG – Cyan vs Gray
Dark BG – Midnight Slate
Blue BG – Blue Door Tones by Marie
Blue BG – Night Sky by Marie
Brown BG – Coffee Cup
Green BG – Green Tea Tones by Marie
Light BG – Fresh n Green by Marie
Yellow BG – Celebrate by Marie
Blue – The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Blue – The Tale of Peter Rabbit Plus
Brown BG – PB I Want My Hat Back
Brown BG – PB I Want My Hat Back Plus
Basic Defaults – Light BG – Blue n Red Links

My wife and I are trying to break into the children’s book market : (uses the color scheme “Red – Fire Brick Red”). Four of the new color schemes are inspired by children’s picture books “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” and “I Want My Hat Back”. The Plus color schemes are the non-plus versions with the top header area and the widget headings using the main color (a block of color rather than white/light background).

BTW Don’t respond to this email, it’s the mailing list email address and it will bounce back to you unread.

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