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Released Stallion Responsive 8.3.1 in February 2016. Current Stallion Responsive users should see the update under their WordPress Dashboards. If not the zip file can be downloaded at

This is a small bug update with no new features added.

The bug fixed was related to the Stallion SEO Comments feature. If a comment was approved and then later sent to pending/spam/trash, although the link to the SEO super comment was removed from the comments, the URL would still load a non-approved comment!

If you had a comment with comment id 9999 that was set to pending/spam/trash and someone loaded a URL like:

It would load the comment.

In Stallion Responsive 8.3.1 only comments that are set to approved and on a post that’s published will show the comment content. The URL will still load, but will show the original post with a canonical URL to the original post (hidden in the head code) so Google will pass any SEO benefit back to the original post.

BTW Don’t respond to this email, it’s the mailing list email address and it will bounce back to you unread.

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