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WordPress SEO Theme Released Stallion Responsive 8.3 in January 2016. Current Stallion Responsive users should see the update under their WordPress Dashboards. If not the zip file can be downloaded at

The update includes a bug fix in the Stallion Recent SEO Comments widget which broke the widget for WordPress 4.4 users. Rather than loading unique recent comments it was loading the last comment made multiple times.

Updated quite a bit of depreciated code.

Added some new options…

Under Performance Options : Clean the Header Code
New option: emojis_off Off: Removes pointless Emojis (OFF)

Tick this option and the new WordPress Emojis are disabled. If you don’t use Emojis tick this off, WordPress adds a bunch of pointless javascript and CSS which will have a small negative performance hit.

Under SEO Advanced Options : SEO Super Comments Settings
New option: Source of More Comments by Author.

In Stallion 8.2.2 if a commenter had more than one comment an excerpt of those comments could be shown on the Stallion SEO super comments pages. With this new option you can choose how those comments are selected. “Source of More Comments by Author All Posts” is how Stallion 8.2.2 works. “Source of More Comments by Author Same Post**” is the new Stallion 8.3 option which when selected will only show comments from the same WordPress post.

For example I have the Same Post option set at you can see near the bottom under “More Comments by SEO Dave” all 5 excerpts are from comments by me under the WordPress post.

This new option is useful for sites with a lot of comments and the commenter’s tend to post multiple times on the same posts. Means the internal linking and text is much more likely to be more related adding additional SEO benefit. Though it does mean there will tend to be less “More comments” excerpts shown. For example on this SEO super comment page there’s one excerpt because I’ve only commented on the corresponding post twice.

BTW Don’t respond to this email, it’s the mailing list email address and it will bounce back to you unread.

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