Comment on Working with Long Term Disability by SEO Dave.

Disabled Entrepreneurs Hi Chad,

Thanks for the idea of using a Feldenkrais practitioner (which I had to look up :)). Right now I have to take it easy while the vertebrae fuse, at the three month mark I start physiotherapy.

After I’m sure everything is working fine I’ll be looking at ways to exercise safely, maybe yoga or Feldenkrais (after research) as know that sort of gentle/low impact exercise is very good for back problems.

For now I’m working on walking until the post op pain dies down as I’m also really unfit due to years of low activity, didn’t help getting a virus in the New Year that left me feeling as weak as a newborn baby (not fully over that yet!). I used to weight train until I met my wife and went to Uni in my early twenties and had quite a good body. While I was in hospital one of the nurses couldn’t find a vein in my arms, she actually gave up!! I’ve lost so much muscle mass it’s scary, the smaller veins are a symptom of the lack of exercise. I used to be REALLY vain about my body and if the operation has been successful I’ll be working on getting rid of the spare tire I gained over the last 15 years or so :)

David Law