With so many websites online today it’s become increasing difficult to rank for general search engine results pages (SERPs) in Google.

Just look at a general Google SERP like “Search Engine Optimization”, the first result is Wikipedia, result two and three are Google, below those are industry SEO leaders Search Engine Land (PR6), SEOMoz (or Moz now) (PR6) and Bruce Clay (PR4).

Google Search Engine Optimization

These are not easy established SEO sites to compete with which is why many search engine optimization companies target local SERPs, local SERPs are less competitive.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Where your general SERPs like search engine optimization or SEO are highly competitive the local equivalents in comparison can be quite easy, all depends on where you live and which local SERPs you target.

When I offered SEO services I targeted general SEO SERPs, I never met SEO clients and always had enough SEO business to not need my local area SERPs. That being said had I targeted local SERPs I’d have targeted SERPs like these:

Search Engine Optimisation Services Skegness
Boston SEO Consultant
Lincolnshire SEO Expert
Lincoln Google Consultant
SEO Ranking Nottingham
Spilsby Web Ranking
UK Search Engine Optimisation

The town names are close to where I live.

The above is basic local onsite SEO, creating pages (unique content) that targets the relevant local SERPs. If I really wanted these local SERPs I’d create awebpage for each and target them. I have a local SEO test for the SEO Miami SERPs, which also includes supporting comments for Dallas SEO SERPs.

Blackhat Local Search Engine Optimization Techniques

As you can see the derivatives are endless and can be very easy to get quite SEO spammy and stray from white hat SEO techniques: hard to write a unique article about Skegness SEO Services that’s not the same as Boston SEO Services.

For example some websites resort to template based articles where the only major content change is the name of a town or state, really spammy and Google actively downgrades such SEO techniques. If you stumble on a local competitor employing blackhat SEO tactics report them to Google: they’d report you, that’s how the Blackhat community works.

Local SEO Techniques

Google Local SEO

As I mentioned above I never offered local SEO services, so didn’t bother targeting local SERPs. If I had there’s more to local SEO than using the name of your country, village, town, state etc… to gain local search engine exposure.

There are lots of websites that list local businesses by location, some charge for the privilege. If you find your local SERPs include business directory listings look into adding your business listing to the site.

Must Use Google Local SEO Services

Some types of business must target local SEO, not much point if you run a restaurant in Washington DC to be number one for general restaurant SERPs, but no where for Washington DC restaurants SERPs, you want your site listed on the Google Places for Business Map Results.

Google Places for Business Map

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