Comment on Link Bait Examples by SEO Dave.

SEOMoz Link Bait I’m not aware of any safe WordPress plugins that will automatically generate backlinks beyond getting your sites listed on sites that copy Twitter feeds and RSS feeds.

If you look at the top of this post there’s a little green Tweet/Retweet button. That’s a WordPress plugin from (allows you and others to easily Tweet your posts) in combination with (automatically tweets old posts based on settings) generates some low quality links (nothing special, but they all help). You need a Twitter account for the second plugin.

Before you asked this question didn’t really think of this as part of SEO, which is why they aren’t included in the plugin list (DOH!).

I’ve looked at plugins for adding sites to Digg etc… but the ones I’ve looked at add links (usually nofollow links) as the Digg type links. Nofollow is SEO damaging, so we shouldn’t use any plugins that add nofollow to our sites. I was in the process of converting a plugin to use javascript links (which if done correctly Google etc… ignores), but got distracted with other things :-)

I’m looking at a WordPress plugin (in the testing phase) from which allows you to add HTML code (links) into your RSS feeds so when your site is scraped for content you get backlinks. Unlikely to get high quality links, but they all help and once setup no input from the site owner.

You should be very careful with services that offer automated backlinks. Generally speaking the concept is a link farm, you add a plugin and you get links from others running the plugin (link farm).

Was reading about a plugin called BlogPress SEO Plugin that offers this as a service, but the plugin includes malicious code that can give the plugin author access to your Dashboard (hack your site)!