Comment on InfoLinks Native Advertising by SEO Dave.

WordPress Infolinks Ads When you setup the Infolinks code you don’t see the ads right away, can take a little while to show.

When they do show you’ll see ads that look like text links, when you hover over them they’ll be ads shown.

When I tested Infolinks with Chitika ads the Chitika code broke the Infolinks ads (it’s Chitika code at fault) so don’t use them together.

For the ad networks built into Stallion I prioritise them in this order:

Main ad network: AdSense, Chitika.
Intext ads : Kontera or Infolinks (only use one: I have no preference).

If I install AdSense I tend not to use Chitika, so I find the best sorts of setup are AdSense (AdSense is better than Chitika) with one of the intext ad networks (Kontera and Infolinks are the best two). If I can’t put AdSense on a domain I’ll use Chitika.

So if I use AdSense I can use Kontera or Infolinks. If I use Chitika I can only use Kontera.

Generally not a good setup to use AdSense and Chitika on the same site, very ad cluttered so I tend to use just one of the main ad networks (AdSense preferred).