Comment on Free Money Online by SEO Dave.

Free Blogger AdSense Template As described in the main article this template uses the old Blogger Classic Template system, NOT the new XML template system. If the instructions aren’t clear there are tutorials for converting back to classic, do a search in Google for:

How do you revert to classic template in Blogger

It’s a starting point for those looking to make money from AdSense using Blogger, it works. It’s not meant to be about getting all the new bells and whistles built into Blogger now, the AdSense blogger template has good SEO built in and very good AdSense ad placement, but it’s not pretty, highly featured, advanced…

And it’s free, perfect for those looking to make a start in making money from AdSense without spending a dime.

I run this old AdSense Blogger template on all my Blogspot blogs (dozens of them) except one (that one is about AdSense Click Fraud, so didn’t add AdSense ads in case idiots clicked them!) and blogs not suitable for AdSense (use a Chitika Blogget template version for those: I should give that away for free as well). It works, I’ve not seen a better search engine optimized Blogger template with AdSense built in. Not a great deal you can do SEO wise with Blogger (limited template system), so not hard to create an SEO template.

David Law