Comment on How to Increase Blog Comments by SEO Dave.

How to Increase Blog Comments Unfortunately Nabil when I’ve allowed links on comments that are not no follow (so do follow) I get a significant number of comments that are not very good quality.

The sort of posts that are one line with a mention of the topic just to get a do follow links, but no real meat. When I add no follow to WordPress blogs, most of these types of low quality comments mysteriously disappear!

There’s lists going around of do follow blogs and when you get on one you are inundated with low quality comments and of course even more automated SPAM comments just for the do follow links.

I already spend to much time dealing with the automated comment SPAM (I own 50+ WordPress blogs), without having to spend more time deciding if a comment is just for the backlink or because they found the post useful.

I have posts on other sites with dozens and even hundreds of comments on them, (have one post with 600 comments!) most real people who comment on blogs don’t do it for a do follow link, they comment because they found the post interesting and want to take part in a discussion or learn something. When I comment on blogs I don’t check if it’s no follow or do follow, (I assume it’s nofollow), I’m there to comment not gain backlinks.

David Law