Comment on How to Increase Blog Comments by Erik.

How to Increase Blog Comments David, just like you bring up here, the readability factor is the reason I have resisted shrinking my font size.

I think the demographic of your readership might factor into this as well. Older folks in particular might appreciate slightly larger font sizes. The younger guys that haven’t blown out their eyes from decades of staring at a screen can probably handle a smaller size :)

I guess ultimately it’s balancing amount of scrolling vs. font size. Alternatively I guess a wider comments area might solve that, but then you start to break the convention on line length (ie not having to make people’s eyes jump way back and lose their place in the paragraph), though there are many popular sites that do just that (and I guess forums, as Mark brought up above, also by default have a long-line format).

Thanks for your input on pagination, good to know, I had wondered about what gets indexed regarding the paginated pages.