Comment on How to Increase Blog Comments by Erik.

How to Increase Blog Comments This is really a CSS issue, but was wondering what people thought about font size on comments?

I was just going through the comments on this page, for example, and it involves an awful lot of scrolling down. Would shrinking the font a size or two encourage involvement, since people could automatically see more comments on their screen?

I’ve wondered about this for awhile on my own site, since my comments font size is set to the same as this, and I have the same issue, lot of scrolling to go through all the comments. Perhaps making comments more compact would be of benefit. Just a thought.

Also, related to this, is there an ideal number of comments per page? Like you, I also have mine set to display 50 per page. I guess knocking it down to 20 or 30 like I see on some sites would mean you’d get more pages? I don’t know if there is any benefit to that, though. You can also annoy people if you take it too far and they have to click through a lot of pages just to go through all the comments.