Comment on How to Increase Blog Comments by SEO Dave.

How to Increase Blog Comments That would be the “Stallion SEO Recent Comments Widget” added under Appearance >> Widgets. I’ve included information about this widget on the right menu of this website, it’s directly above the “Stallion Recent Comments” menu item you want to replicate and says:

Below is an example of the Stallion SEO Recent Comments with Gravatars widget. The most SEO friendly WordPress recent comments widget – unique Stallion WordPress SEO Theme feature. Other themes waste link benefit on comment author links, many use rel=”nofollow” on comment author links which deletes SEO link benefit!!!

I added those descriptions so users know how I achieved the widgets layout of this website.

The actual avatars used is a WordPress core feature set under Settings >> Discussions at the bottom.

A lot of the information you are asking about is posted on the website already, can I suggest taking an hour or two to browse through the various tutorials so you have a better idea of what is possible with Stallion. You’ll never get the most out of Stallion asking these sorts of questions, best to read through the detailed tutorials and find general WordPress tutorials on Google as there’s a lot of core WordPress features you don’t want to miss out on.

I note by the time I responded to this question (few hours after you asked) you’d already found the Stallion SEO Recent Comments Widget and added it to your sidebar.