How to Be a BillionaireWatched the CH4 program How to Be a Billionaire that gave a glimpse into the world of three billionaires Michael Birch, Dmitry Itskov and Naveen Jain. Did a little research with Google and the How to Be a Billionaire Reviews are trashing the billionaire entrepreneurs ideas.

What exactly did you think an hour long TV program from CH4 is going to ‘teach’ us, actually how to become a billionaire? Are people writing the reviews from newspapers like The Guardian and The Telegraph really this gullible, the program title is “How to Be a Billionaire” NOT “How to Become a Billionaire”.

I love to see people with a passion for what others consider crazy ideas like mining the moon or uploading your consciousness into an avatar (robot). If we all had pedestrian ideas we’d still all be living in mud/cow dung covered huts rather than dreaming about immortality and reaching for the stars.

Naveen Jain Moon Express

I don’t understand what is crazy about Naveen Jain’s goal to mine the moon?

Naveen JainIt’s not IF we’ll mine the moon, it’s WHEN will we mine the moon. When we were mining easy to reach gold with pans and water those who dreamed of removing entire mountains of rock and earth to mine gold would have been laughed at, yet today mountains are literally moved for millions of dollars worth of gold.

Although we have ample resources (if managed efficiently) on the Earth for 7 billion people and probably enough resources for the estimated 11 billion of the near future (the number of people statisticians believe world population will stabilise). What about 100 years or 500 years from now or if someone like Dmitry Itskov solves human ageing, will we be content as a species with only living on our tiny little corner of the Universe and limiting population growth forever?

No species by choice actively limits it’s population growth and I don’t see why we’ll be any different. Given the opportunity to expand out across the globe the first humans left Africa and sometime in the future humans will inhabit the stars. It’s not IF, it’s WHEN assuming we don’t destroy ourselves first or natural disasters wipe us out of existence.

Moon Express

A while back I read an old NASA research document (think it was from the 70s) that talked about automated moon factories, basically we’d send up the resources to create a factory on the moon which would mine and generate the materials for creating more automated moon factories, awesome idea and this was way before someone had developed 3D printers. A lot of people would consider this a crazy scifi idea, but why is it crazy?

We already have semi-automated factories creating cars etc… on Earth now, why are humans so limited in thinking so short term, I don’t see automated factories on Earth as being scifi in the near future, so why scifi on the moon?

Again it’s not IF, it’s WHEN will we have automated factories on the moon.

Dmitry Itskov 2045 Initiative

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and immortal? I know I do.

Dmitry ItskovDmitry Itskov’s 2045 Initiative goal is to develop an avatar that human consciousness can be uploaded to, effective immortality. What’s a crazy idea today may well be science fact just a few decades from now and that’s how I see Dmitry Itskov’s ideas.

For this to work there needs to be a LOT of breakthroughs and who knows if it will be possible by 2045.

The reality is it doesn’t matter, even if a human avatar isn’t developed in our life time (I hope it is) the fact scientists and billionaire entrepreneurs are actively seeking answers to these problems means science is moving forward towards those goals.

As a species we have our priorities all wrong, we spend over £100,000,000 on a footballer transfer, basically a guy who kicks an inflated lump of leather on a well trimmed lawn, but call people who want to solve mankind’s greatest limitations with their own money crazy!

2045 Initiative

I’m 43 now and I’d be very happy if in my life time the science evolves to a point where a mind can be mapped and stored intact (where personality isn’t lost). Even if the technology isn’t developed in time to use the data in my life time, if a consciousness is stored (a backup of who I am) when the ability to use that data is developed maybe I’ll live forever in one form or another.

HIV/AIDs Treatment/Cure

When I was twenty (23 years ago) I was studying a part-time degree with the Open University (OU) and had stumbled on genetics (the OU had a genetics course) and fell in love with the field: I saw the potential of genetic engineering immediately. At the time HIV/AIDS was being reported in the media as a pandemic, in the UK we’d had the Tip of an Iceberg AIDS ad campaign.

HIV/AIDsI had an idea for a possible treatment/cure for HIV/AIDS that had the potential to treat a lot of communicable pathogens: prevent/cure almost any disease that generates antibodies, I saw a world that would take a regular dose of a genetically engineered food product that would prevent infections like the common cold and the flu. I determined the most likely way to bring it to fruition was to go to University to study a degree in Genetics and a year or so later I was studying a degree in genetics.

Unfortunately my health took a turn for the worse and I had to drop out of Uni in the final few months on medical grounds (all I had to do to get a degree was the final exams). I’ve never been able to test out my ideas (probably never will, my health is worse now) and as far as I’m aware no one has followed the line of scientific research I had in mind.

Had I tried to explain my ideas twenty odd years ago (or even today) to your average lay person they wouldn’t understand the science and would think it was crazy scifi.

A couple of weeks ago there was a potential break through in the treatment of HIV infection which is similar in concept to what I had in mind and the initial reports indicate potential cure. If it’s possible, someone will solve these issues.

How to Be a Billionaire Program

One point the producers of How to Be a Billionaire missed is the link between Dmitry Itskov’s 2045 Initiative and Naveen Jain’s Moon Express project. If Dmitry develops a human avatar we’ll need to develop the ability to leave this planet, we can’t have countless generations of humans never dying, so we’ll need Naveen’s mines on the moon. The first stop on our long road to space exploration is the moon.

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