Comment on PageSpeed Insights Size Tap Targets Appropriately by SEO Dave.

User Experience The Google PageSpeed Insights Tool results appear since May 2014 to give significantly lower results relative to before May.

When I ran this website through the PageSpeed tool in February and kept a copy of the results I had a Desktop result of 98/100, (was with no social media like buttons or AdSense ads on).

Stallion Responsive Pagespeed Insights Desktop

Now it’s significantly lower (Desktop 83/100 just now) even though I’ve been fixing most issues. You have to take a hit for running AdSense, their code doesn’t pass their own PageSpeed Insights tests and most of the issues are AdSense and Facebook: Nothing I can do about AdSense, might be able to do something about Facebook.

Looking for better ways to achieve things to get back into the green WITH AdSense and like buttons active (turn them off and it’s relatively easy).

Have you followed the advice on the Stallion Performance Options page? Stallion Responsive can’t do everything website performance wise, if you have a rubbish host no changes can fix that.

See “Stallion Theme” >> “Performance Options” for suggestions.

Are you running:

W3 Total Cache Plugin
EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin

I don’t add features to Stallion if there are already good well supported plugins that do exactly what I want, both the above do what I want so won’t be adding caching or image optimization to Stallion (why reinvent the wheel). Also consider the WP Optimize Plugin, it optimizes your database on a regular basis which can speed a site up a little.

Is Gravatar Cache ON?

Have you gone to “Tools >> Stallion Regenerate Thumbnails” and regenerated your images.

Regarding the single Posts widget, go to the Single Posts Widgets Tutorial create a comment there and explain what you did and we’ll go from there. Can’t diagnose and issue with so little information.

Working on releasing Stallion Responsive 8.1 before the end of July 2014, but I tend to fall into the feature creep trap (keep adding new features), so we;ll see…. The Stallion Responsive colour Scheme Creator v8.1 is awesome, the CSS files and the PHP backup (for making more modifications later) are saved to the Stallion Responsive child theme folder automatically, no need for copying and pasting and FTP to create a new colour scheme. I updated the 40 built in colour schemes with new font sizes to remove the mobile tap size issues (created new CSS and PHP backup files) in under an hour.