Comment on Google Authorship Tutorial by Mark Biernat.

Google Rich Snippets Tutorial I see what is going on.

I had link cloaking off under Stallion advanced SEO options. I did this because although, I agree with your idea that Javascript is nothing bad. It is not hiding the link, as it is clearly visible and the end user can click it, thus it is not really cloaked. This is fair as it is all about the end user. True link cloaking (bad) is the opposite, that is links visible to the search engines but hidden from the user. At least that is my theory. What you do I would imagine is OK as many websites, trusted sites use this for advertising.

It is just Java, something that is used on almost every website. Yet, I would rather err on conservatism and not activate that feature. I can not see how it would be a penalty as the end use can use this. yet I get a little paranoid.

All that I wrote above do you think I am correct?

So until my worries subside, I will think of another way, either put a Google + link on all my pages (that is a lot of juice leaking) or do something like you recommend, that is have pages linking to my “author page” that links out to Google +.

My smaller sites, not a big deal, but my larger sites with 100s or 1000s of pages, I do not know if I want one page getting that much juice as it might distort the natural flow of things.

Since Panda hit my sites, I have been trying to add content and really improve the quality of my posts. So when I finish an upgrade to a post I do not mind signing my name to that post. Therefore, most of my post will deserve Authorship claims if I upgrade them.

So I have to think about this and weigh my options.