Comment on Google Authorship Tutorial by Mark Biernat.

Google Rich Snippets Tutorial This I understand and your are correct.

However, look at your biography box under a search engine simulator. All the social media links are ‘real’ links leaking juice to social media sites, including Google +.

While the social media links at the top of your post wisely, do not pass PR as I think you have them in Java.

Also the Social media on the side to the right side also leaks PR, I think under a search engine simulator.

I think linking out to Social media is bad if they are ‘leakers’?

I thought since I have a real live link to Google + in my bio-box it would do the trick anyway. I could claim ownership on all my pages (could be good).

However, I am hesitant to use the bio-box because of all the leaks and repetition of text. But if you link out to social media on all your pages, I thought it must be safe?

Anyway, as always you know I really appreciate the guidance and sincerely appreciate your patience.