Comment on Google Authorship Tutorial by Mark Biernat.

Google Rich Snippets Tutorial I see the issue, it works for my individual pages and posts where I have a Bio. I was checking my main page. Which does not have a bio box because it does not have a static page.

I would need to manually add a Google rel = me for the home page or make it static. If there is an easy way to do it in the theme, let me know, otherwise I will manually add a link. I imagine a widget would not look as good in lieu of the bio box. Would the Bio-box link like you have it now with the same anchor text be seen as not good SEO wise?

I guess I am getting nervous when I add anything less unique more templatey or repetitive, to a page. In other words, is this another thing that will appear on all my hundreds of pages. Not bad in small doses but I do not want to tip the scale too much. Just a thought. Less template foot print the better.

I believe something like authorship is in some complex way connected to Google Trust rank. I believe the next big update of Penguin 4 which was just alluded to will include a merchant trust update connected to scam or fake reviews vs verified authors with a good trust rank.

This is all speculation on my part, but I do think it is good practice to start claiming your content via the Authorship