Comment on AdWords Keyword Planner by Miguel Salcido.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Market Samurai offers significantly more than Google’s Adwords Keyword planner tool

The AdWords keyword research is for advertisers, not web publishers for SEO keyword research.

Adwords keyword planner-

Low competition = low volume for ads to be shown and cheap ads.
High competition = high volume of ads and higher CPC. High CPC is what we want for our sites, but not if you are an AdWords advertiser user.

Market Samurai Keyword Research-
Low competition = good for webmasters because it is easy to rank in Google for.
High competition = not easy to rank in Google, but this is because you are watching it as a webmaster, not as an advertiser.

Unless you are going 100% for AdSense monetization (MFA site), you shouldn’t check the AdWords competition results.

Just follow Market Samurai research.