Comment on Google AdSense Responsive Ad Unit Beta WordPress Theme by Mark.

Stallion Responsive AdSense Options I think to stay ahead of the curve you have to incorporate the next wave (mobile) into the equation of SEO. In the old days you could download a version of the WordPress All in One plugin, understand something about title tags and you would be all set.

Now we know post Panda (and it is not going away) if it is good for the user then it is good for SEO. If Google is not looking directly at user metric for ranking, I think they are, then some derivation of that.

I am confident from people who say they know people, that responsiveness, Mobile readiness is an important factor, as well as page load time and behavior onsite (how people navigate though your site). If you can keep people on and coming back with a nice minimalist design or arrows that lead them around (users are disoriented when then land on a site)then SEO ranking will improve. I am testing different design techniques like literally “arrows” that point people to “go here”.