Comment on Google AdSense Responsive Ad Unit Beta WordPress Theme by Bud Sailor.

Stallion Responsive AdSense Options When I created my ads as you described I could not select “AdSense Responsive Ad Unit BETA” — on Google it only says Responsive not Beta. So, this is what I selected and created my ads. Then pasted the code into my Adsense Options page in the appropriate places.

The only time I actually see the ads appear is when I view my site ( while being logged in. As soon as I log out the ads are not visible.

Also, different from what you discussed above is my original code BEFORE deleting anything:

Your sample has a lot more code in it. So, the only thing I deleted was:

I set the following:
– Main Ad Content ON;
– Movable Content Ad Unit ON, BELOW FOOTER, 780 X 90 LEADERBOARD, Text and Image, adsense channel selected
– Sidebar Ad Unit ON, SMALL SQUARE, text/image, hide advert heading, white background.

And I am left with the rest which seems to match yours. I did set the Sidebar Ad Widget settings to the following:
– small square 200 x 200
– text and image ads
– Hide advert heading on widget (selected)
– white background
– did not select an adsense channel (not sure if this is needed or can be left blank)

And the settings on the Stallion Adsense Content S1 widget I selected are the following:
– hide on checked
– show/hide on ALL paged 1,2,3… + single posts
– width = full
– nothing else selected or checked

Did I do something wrong? Oh, by-the-way I did check to see if I was banned by Google and I am NOT. So at least that doesn’t seem to be an issue. Got any ideas?