Comment on Google AdSense Ad Channels by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ad Channels Google AdSense Custom Placement Ad Channels Test Underway.

I’ve setup two placement ad channels at (both site wide).

The two custom ad channels are the left sidebar content ad unit and the main top floating content ad unit (both high CTR locations).

I’m using a mix of AdSense and Clickbank on the above site so not using all 6 available AdSense ad units (using 3 content and one link ad unit). The remaining ad units which are the bottom content ad unit (near the bottom of every page) and the link ad unit above the banner are being tracked by ‘normal’ custom ad channels.

I doubt advertisers are going to be that interested in link ad units (anyone know?) and the bottom content ad units have a really low CTR, so happy to track their performance over multiple domains at the same time. I’ll probably use this sort of setup on many of my sites, (add two placement content ad units, track the rest over my entire network) IMO those two content ad units are going to be the ones advertisers are willing to pay for.

If this works customers of Talian will be able to finally use custom ad channels to both track ad performance and allow advertisers to target their sites.

I definitely don’t charge enough money for my themes :-)