Comment on Google AdSense Ad Channels by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ad Channels Multiple Custom AdSense Ad Channel Tracking Solved :-)

Have worked out how to include 6 custom ad channels into my AdSense WordPress theme code.

This will mean all 6 AdSense ad locations within Talian will soon have the ability to track the performance of each individual ad unit.

Next step is testing if the old AdSense legacy code can use custom ad channels to track ad channels associated with ad placement (the ones you tick the box “Show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement” and add detailed information for potential advertisers).

Ad placement channels wasn’t around when Google AdSense used the original AdSense (legacy) code, so I can’t assume it will work. Looks like AdSense has kept everything backwards compatible, if a bit weird to use: under your AdSense control panel you can’t easily copy the channel ID number so to ‘grab it’ from AdSense you have to read it from the browser page and type it out manually!