Comment on Google AdSense Ad Channels by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ad Channels Boris,

I’ve not had to update the themes since April 2008 because nothing has broken as WordPress has updated.

I’ve been meaning to do some maintenance type update, plan to check all the current template tags used to make sure none have depreciated.

Not an important task as currently WordPress still supports depreciated template tags, but rather update all the tags so if they ever stop using a tag or the updated tag gets a new feature rather have the themes ready to go.

With regards the channels on every post, that’s not going to be possible with the current coding of the AdSense themes. I think it would be a major task to add this as a feature to the themes to be honest.

Couldn’t you use the URL channel feature within AdSense?

I use URL channels to track all my domains including specific directories where I’ve installed something. You could do this on a page by page basis for most of your pages.

Only problem with this way of tracking pages is if your site has similar file names like-

If you setup an AdSense URL channel to track the first file name it will track all three and anything else with as the start of the URL. A URL channel for will not track the first page, but will track the latter two pages.

So yes you can theoretically track a site page by page this way, but if your site has a file name format like the one above some pages won’t be tracked singularly.

I very much doubt I’ll try to add the post level channels to the themes, hope the other suggestion helps.

Hope this helps

David Law