Comment on Google AdSense Ad Channels by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ad Channels The AdSense channel IDs on the site you linked to look OK to me, though as I don’t have access to your AdSense account can’t be sure they are valid.

There’s a little information in the readme file with the Talian 05 theme, basically go to when you are logged into your AdSense account and the ID list are your current AdSense channels for those ads. You can create specific ads within your AdSense account for a particular ad block under a domain and add a description etc… for potential advertisers who want to target their ads, so you might say something like:

Left sidebar/menu ad unit, above the fold on a site about ABC, shows on every page of the site and very prominent position.

When you’ve setup an ad like this go to the Channel page and use the ID for that ad for one of the channels in the Talian 05 theme (in this case would be the sidebar ad unit).

The IDs aren’t exactly designed to be used the way I’ve used them in Talian 05 (not meant for copying and pasting just the ID :-)), but it works.

I assume you have ads with Channels IDs


As these are the numbers you’ve used on the site you linked to.

When they get traffic and the ads are clicked you’ll see ad impressions etc… for those IDs. Remember AdSense doesn’t track your visits (or clicks), so whatever IP you logged into AdSense with doesn’t count in the stats, so you have to wait for real visitors who access javascript.

If it’s a popular site you’ll have data in under an hour, if not you’ll have to wait for visitors.

You can use the ca-pub-xxxxx or pub-xxxxx version of the publisher ID. the ca- version is for international AdSense users, though both work if you aren’t from the US (I’m from the UK and always use the pub- version). I’ve no idea if the ca-pub- version works for those from the US, pub- works for everyone so the one I recommend.