I was looking for ideas for a new number plate for my car, think it’s time for the personal touch and stumbled upon this car number plate image which is quite amusing.

Though I will add you shouldn’t be taking photos while driving a car as it could invalidate your car insurance or result in you being featured in your own car crash video on YouTube. LOL

Funny Number Plate

As you can see the car number plate when reversed would be the ideal gift for the vast majority of men :-)

Women’s Number Plate

I then went looking for more funny car number plate pictures and found a scary one for women.

Not so funny Car Number Plate

I just hope any women looking at the above number plate image (which is just for fun) aren’t at the wrong time of the month. Time to change my website whois info, just in case :-)

SEO Number Plate

Even saw a car for sale locally (live in Skegness) with SEO in the number plate. I was really tempted to buy the old car just for the SEO number plate, being an SEO consultant (Search Engine Optimization) would have been cool. Though just searched online and can buy SEO number plates for under £200 from the DVLA which is much cheaper than buying a second hand car I don’t need!

Funny Number Plates

If you have a funny number plate or would like a specific car plate why not post it as a comment below.

I’d really like the number plate SEO DAVE or SEO GOLD. SEO 101 would be nice as well.

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