Comment on Übersuggest Keyword Research Tool by SEO Dave.

Free Keyword Research Tool As I mentioned in the main article I can use the Stallion Responsive SEO Super Comments feature to target other SERPs like the related SEO tools SERPs.

I like the free Übersuggest keyword research SEO tool a lot, I do have a feature request suggestion.

After doing a Google search you’ll find a “Searches related to Keyword” at the bottom of the Google results.

Below is a screenshot of the Google results for the search “Keyword Research Tool”

übersuggest Searches related to Keyword Research Tool

As you can see there’s suggestions like

market samurai
best keyword research tool
google keyword research tool online
seo keyword research tool
keyword research tool free online
keyword research tool review
keyword research tool free download
keyword research tool for ebay

I would like to see these related searches included with the Übersuggest results.

As you can see I’ve used this comment to target a SEO Tools SERP and another keyword research tool Market Samurai. This comment has it’s own title-

Keyword Research SEO Tools like Market Samurai

And the title is used to link to link to the Stallion Responsive SEO Super Comments version of this comment which uses the comment title as the title tag.

When Google indexes this comment, and it will index the comment in it’s own right as a separate article it will have the title tag “Keyword Research SEO Tools like Market Samurai” and might rank for relevant SERPs.

I’ve used this Stallion feature on plenty of comments. Try searching Google for:

Auto Blog Blueprint Course and SEO
Whitehat SEO PageRank Sculpting
Thesis Theme WordPress SEO Review
InboundWriter WordPress Plugin Review
Robots Meta WordPress Plugin Review
BlogWise Making Money with WordPress Review
WordPress Page Tagger Plugin SEO

Right now (March 2014) comments from this site are ranking top 10 in Google. This site wouldn’t have those SERPs without the Stallion Responsive SEO Super Comments.

Remember these are comments, can only add limited SEO to a comment, so it’s not as well SEO’d as a WordPress Post or static Page: there’s no links directly to the super comments from widgets for example, the SEO super comment version of this comment will only get one automated link from the article it’s attached to. So this is deep content with just one link, pretty impressive for so little PR/link benefit passed. If you want more SEO add links manually like I have above with the Thesis review link.