Comment on Free AdSense Blogger Template by SEO Dave.

Free Blogger AdSense Template You’ve managed to add a couple of carriage returns to the Blogspot templates code from the looks of things.

Find this code:

<MainOrArchivePage><h1 id="blog-title"></MainOrArchivePage><ItemPage><span id="blog-title"><a href="<$BlogURL$>"></ItemPage><$BlogTitle$><ItemPage></a></span></ItemPage><MainOrArchivePage></h1></MainOrArchivePage>

And make sure it’s all in one line with no carriage returns. Basically that should all be in one line.

The problem will be just before $BlogTitle$ looks like you’ve pushed your enter key twice before the $ sign causing the code to break.

That should fix the error.

If not you might have added some code in that location causing the problem.