Comment on Fat Loss for Idiots Review by No Longer Fat or Unhealthy.

Fat Loss Review At over 22 stone in weight last Christmas and after what I thought was a heart attack on New Years day turned out to be angina my doctor advised I must loose weight or early death was a possibility.

The angina attack scared me and my husband a lot.

Having tried countless diets and the result always the same, no weight loss or loose weight/gain weight seesaw which is more unhealthy than staying fat and happy, having to diet is no fun.

My husband Ray was very concerned, he is a lovely loving man and was also over weight at over 20 stone also, fortunately there was no warning signs his life was in danger. He drives a truck and that’s a heavy job which keeps in very active.

Ray researched and purchased a copy of the diet package number 1 from the fat loss for idiots place and because he loves me so much, he will dieted with me. I cried when he told me of his plan to help me loose weight.

Ray has never dieted before, he doesn’t care about his weight and tells me he doesn’t care about mine either, one of the reasons I love him so much, he loved my love handles even though I have always hated and tried to hide my fat body from him.

It was hard going at first, but having Ray dieting alongside helped keep my morale high and in the first week I lost 10lbs and Ray lost 8lbs. Past experience teaches dieters it’s just as easy to put that lost weight back on, so we didn’t celebrate.

We continued on the fat loss for idiots diet plan and a few weeks in our bodies and mind had adapted to the dieting regime, much better than any other diet I tried previously and between us we had lost over 50lbs in weight!

We have continued the diet for almost 9 months and we have lost a lot of weight.

I weight 12 stone 7lbs
Ray weighs 14 stone 1lb

The diet worked and because it’s not a harsh boring diet we could stick to it most of the time. If you have ever tried a one food diet like only eating cabbage or only eating celery you will know how boring it is, eating food is enjoyable and most of the time this diet does not take away the enjoyment of eating.

More important than the weight loss the risk factors that caused a very scary angina attack are no longer a issue and I feel 20 years younger and our sex life has never been better :)

I don’t think any diet on it’s own can result in weight loss for a person who does not want to loose weight, there is a will power part to losing weight. Having Ray loose weight with me helped a lot, if you can find the will power to diet then this diet is the best one I’ve tried over my life and I’m 47 years old.

Jane S