I hope you enjoy my tongue in cheek Ode to an Ethical SEO Expert below :-)

it’s style is based on the paranoid ramblings of a self proclaimed Canadian Ethical SEO consultant (yes someone actually writes like that for real and he’s from Canada AND offers SEO services!) who has been attacking myself (some know me as SEO Dave online, I’m an SEO Expert at SEO Gold Services) and others regarding what most would consider white hat SEO techniques we use.

He seems to think ALL SEO techniques are black hat SEO if he doesn’t approve of them!

Also makes an interesting SEO test, does almost garbage content rank well in Google: a mix of reasonable quality white hat content and some garbage text (my SEO white hat is a little grey after writing this :-)).

Ode to an Ethical Canadian SEO Expert/Consultant

SEO Tests Canadian fish are the food of the sea and suppliers of caviar at $45 an ounce, where Canadian bears fear to tread the lowly otter creature builds upon strong ethical marketing foundations of life and liberty and the strong/weak Canadian dollar, taking solace in the protective under shades they so construct with undying ethical toils of love, devotion and a buck toothed SEO smiles of an ethical SEO expert from Canada with Panda eyes.

Demonic vampires, once harbored as angels strike at my souls with expert resolve, but leave my laces and soft leather uppers (made in Canada) intact, what strange sick twisted unethical game do they play with their helpless SEO web market prey, taunting my every waking moment like a flying Penguin with expert precision of the Hummingbird, why, why, why this ethical consultant, yes ethical services I say thrice! My fading ethical Canadian blood boils to the last drop, drained of life, but not of SEO hope for hope is within the self righteous, self proclaimed, self deluded ethical Canadian SEO expert (insert SPAM link here :-)).

God or Google, no, the God of Google will judge the judges for judging me, my life, my unethical ways, my Canadian SERPs and ethics, you are so judged for your ethics and life choices, for your SEO web market business indiscretions, vile beast of the nightingale lark bird of doom so once disguised as an SEO goldenboy martyr in waiting, once so great an SEO expert like a tiny Hummingbird, now so lowly SEO Lucifer incarnate, please, oh please, please, please return my consultants honor and SEO ethics intact I beseech you master of the blackhat SEO arts!

If not for myself then for Canada, Canada the home of the maple seed of life.

For the Canadian Ethical SEO expert.

From the Non Canadian SEO Fool!

Canadian SEO Expert

Ethical SEO Advice

The attacks are because one of us (on an SEO forum) pointed out his ethical SEO preachings are not what he practices and his main SEO advice that (text links aren’t important!!) could harm a businesses search engine rankings, especially in Google since links are essential to Google rankings.

We think his bad SEO advice is unethical!

A friend of mine has the top search result for the Ethical SEO Expert SERP on Google for her Ethical SEO Expert article and one of my pages is second for Ethical SEO Expert as well.

Congratulations on some very fast rankings Stacey of JezSta who is also not Canadian (note: I don’t have a problem with Canadians or Canada, considered moving there: hmm, would that have made me a Canadian SEO?).

The self proclaimed ethical SEO guy decided to reopen the wounds recently (see comments below) and so I’ve now optimized this page to include Canadian/Canada SERPs.

You were warned Canada Fred!

Looking to Hire a real SEO Expert do some serious online research, some so called ethical SEO experts do not practice the white hat SEO tactics they preach.

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