The eNom Inc review is several years old, I’ve updated some of the information (March 2014), but I’ve not had recent dealings with eNom inc as a domain registrar etc… so have no recent experience of eNom technical support etc…

Did do a few Google searches like eNom Review, eNom web hosting review, eNom reseller review and the results don’t look good for all their SERPs.

First result for eNom review is “Ripoff Report | enom directory of Complaints & Reviews”! for example. So suggest you do some research before using eNom Inc as a domain registrar etc…

Guess that’s why you are reading my review of eNom :-)

eNom Review

eNom ReviewPurchased a new dedicated server because a dedicated server from Server4you was playing up and their support sucked big time. Was in the process of transferring over 100 domains from the Server4you server to a new one and this means nameserver changes.

At the time I registered domains through Godaddy, Registerfly (though not any more, they have gone down hill and ripped me off over $300!) and 123-Reg (I registered UK domains through these, don’t anymore).

So logged into Godaddy domain management control panel and started changing nameservers as the sites are uploaded to the new server. No problems at all with Godaddy domain management, smooth transition as it should be. In 2014 I still have most of my domains (now 130 domains) with Godaddy, have had issues with their virtual servers, but not their domain registration and management.

Registerfly Domain Transfers to eNom

Logged into Registerfly and to cut a long story short discovered my domains with them had been transferred to Godaddy and eNom! Started digging through my SPAM box for missed emails about this and found two, one about domains transferred to Godaddy and one about transfers to

The Godaddy transfer was seamless, click, click, click and I had access to my domains transferred from Registerfly to Godaddy. All of those domains are now on the new server and mostly working (few issues with a newer version of PHP, but all in all much better).

The same can not be said for the eNom domain transfer! During the process I received a notice from eNom Inc that due to the number of domains (only 37!) they can’t give me access and I have to contact their tech support!

eNom Inc Support Review

So sent them an email (and two reminders!!) and that’s where the fun begins!

Email below from eNom support

In order for us to assist you with your domain(s) you will need to do
the following as your domain(s) WHOIS data is invalid.

Please go to and create a free account (top right).

Then log into your account and do a screen capture of your domain(s) whois information plus a screen capture of your domain names list.

Send the following:
photo identification
your selected login account
your screen captures
a valid email address
your domain(s)

Request that the domain(s) be moved to your login account.

We can then once the whois data has been confirmed we will move the domain into your account for management / renewal / etc.

You can send this via fax to 425-974-4791 or by attaching the documention (scanned ID) and screen captures to an email to or to a Support Center ticket (help -> Support Center -> Ask A Question).

The whois info for my domains was wrong, Registerfly screwed up on this many times!

So I set about gathering things for the eNom quest to gain access to the domains I’ve paid thousands of US$ for! I got everything together except a copy of a photo ID which I didn’t have and quickly sent it to eNom Inc by email.

You’d think that would be enough right? I’ve proved I have access to the original Registerfly account (all the domains are still listed in the Registerfly account so a screenshot proves I own the domains). The email address used on the whois is the same domain used to email their support, it’s not like I’m trying to gain my domains back using a Hotmail email address! And I have access to the email they sent about this (ended in my SPAM box, but I have it :-)).

eNom Complaint

I was wrong, a week later they (mostly a Michael Gravelle from Technical Support) are still insisting on a photo ID which I DO NOT have (three times this idiot Michael Gravelle an eNom Technical Support Supervisor has asked for a photo ID despite me saying each time I don’t have one). Michael Gravelle in particular is a complete moron and should be sacked by eNom Inc ASAP.

It looks like the next stage will be legal action as I feel like eNom are trying to steal my domains that I’ve invested 10s of thousands of US$ in and are the backbone of my online SEO business. This domain (this article used to be on another domain, moved it in 2014) was one of the ones eNom were holding ransom, it was stuck on a Server4you dedicated server that had about three weeks time before it was shut down, the Server4you server is about as reliable as eNom Inc tech support, especially Michael Gravelle so I had to move it ASAP.

As soon as I get access back I’ll be moving non UK domains to Godaddy and UK domains to 123-Reg (Godaddy doesn’t register UK domains). Managed to gain access in time (see comments) and moved everything over.

eNom Domain Registrar Sucks

eNom Inc Review

I’m going to do my best to get this page to the top 5 for the eNom SERPs in Google. If like me you had a bad experience with eNom and think eNom customer support sucks consider linking to this page with the word eNom as anchor text, this will help push it to the top in Google and teach them a lesson about good customer service.

eNom – domain name, internet services, dns hosting, eNom reseller account sucks!

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